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The EWEG System has a new website, please click here

For forgotten or unknown user ids/passwords, send your questions to Please provide your name, school district name, and county-district code with your request. 
*If you store your password information through the Internet Explorer autocomplete feature (which is discouraged for security reasons), remember that when you log back in with your new password, you will receive a dialog box asking if you want to change your stored password. You will need to select “Yes,” or you will receive a “Password not found” error.
Note: EWEG only Supports Internet Explorer browser  (Version 5.01 is minimum and 7.0 is maximum).
EWEG Notes:
The EWEG password is case sensitive. Many passwords have come into the system with all upper case letters. Please try uppercase letters if your password does not work initially.
User IDs for the EWEG system have a limit of 8 characters. Any User ID longer than 8 characters established on the Homeroom system has been truncated to 8 characters. EWEG requires the entry of a six digit code comprised of the two digit county code and the four digit LEA code.
Please note that there will be some delay between the time User IDs and Passwords are set up on the Homeroom system and the activation of those User IDs and Passwords on the EWEG system.

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